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Godiva Golden Globes In Style Party

The Challenge – Create an interactive 3000 sq. ft lounge off the red carpet that would serve to entice high profile celebrities to have authentic, organic engagements with the brand while elevating the brand through its affiliation with the awards show and party.


Art of Patron Tour

The Challenge – Create a red-carpet-quality event celebrating the art of Patron in fashion, music, video, culinary, mixed media and of course mixology. The event must be mobile and able to travel to four key markets.


Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors

The Challenge – Create interactive moments celebrating the cast and crew of FOX show The Simpsons for their Halloween episode. Design ideas that would impress those who are not easily impressed.


Get a Lift

The Challenge – Recreate a noted Joel McHale (Talk Soup) ‘motivational speaker’ character from the Berocca commercials with 14 ambassadors who would travel around NYC in tricked out SUVs with consumers.

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